Natural Skin Treatments

Going natural in Dubai is very popular nowadays, particularly with the general high levels of pollution we experience in all areas of life. Changing to natural soaps is a logical extension of this tradition. Using natural soaps is better for the environment, for the skin and for the clothes as well.

These days many health food stores in Dubai carry it and you can find it pretty much everywhere, but when you buy it locally, it can get quite expensive. Of course you can go from one shop to the next and compare prices, but you might end up spending a lot of your time on this endeavor. This is why the best option is to buy it online.

You can find natural soaps in Dubai ranging from bar soaps to powders, to liquid soaps and foams. You can also find other natural similar products including shower gels, bubble baths, clothes detergents and shampoos.

As for the ingredients, you are also in luck, as you can find herbal and floral scents without having any harsh chemicals in them. The best way to learn about all these is to browse the various online sources and get educated. This is when you will know what exactly to buy for your skin time and for your budget. You can read user reviews, comments of happy or unhappy customers, compare prices, all this from the comfort of your home, in a quite lazy afternoon or evening.

Depending on your location, you can buy soaps online from a source near you. If you are in the States, there are many online shops carrying your favorite scented soap. If you are in Europe, you are also in luck. While you could get these soaps from the US, they might be cheaper to get them from the UK, Germany, Sweden or other similar countries that are much closer to you geographically.

This way instead of going to your local supermarket or grocery store and buying the regular chemically charged soap, you can go natural and get something that is gentle to the skin and your environment. Once you know exactly what you want to buy, the decision is really easy and truly your budget and your favorite scents are the main obstacle in buying all the soaps that you want.

For example liquid soaps can be added to the various pretty, decorative and modern liquid soap dispensers that you can find online in many places. If you are interested in foam based soaps, there are dispensers for those as well. This way you are not limited by bar soaps, you can buy them in any form you like, including liquid, foam, bar, transparent, etc.

There are many causes for itchy feet but a few of the common ones include: athlete’s foot, dry skin, contact dermatitis and eczematous dermatitis. Using proper foot care products can help all of these foot conditions. Homemade natural foot scrubs and goats milk soap are available to help itchy feet.

A fungus called trichophyton causes athlete’s foot. This foot fungus can be derived by coming into contact with it at gyms, swimming pools, foot or nail salons and on socks or clothing. This foot fungus thrives in moist warm environments. Tight fitting shoes or socks do not allow the feet to breathe contributing to the build-up of moisture. Excessive sweating allows this foot fungus to spread.

What can you do to help get rid of athlete’s foot fungus? Try an anti-bacterial, homemade, soap, such as natural goats milk soap to thoroughly wash the feet. This handmade natural soap is extremely mild and gentle. It thoroughly cleanses and is available unscented, Au Natural, or in a variety of natural scents.

Also, natural foot scrubs cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate feet leaving them soft, soothed and well conditioned.

Other ways to help get rid of athlete’s foot are to: maintain dry feet, apply topical creams or anti-fungus powders, change to using acrylic socks instead of cotton socks, and change wearing the same shoes day after day. Consider wearing shoes that are breathable such as leather instead of plastic shoes that contain wetness.

Dry skin can cause redness, burning, flaking feet. Natural goats milk soap moisturizes feet. These homemade soaps are extremely mild and gentle, non-irritating, soothing and refreshing.

Dry feet can, also, lead to painful cracked heels. There is a natural foot scrub that is a light, lotion type of scrub made from Dead Sea salt and goats’ milk soap. It is not heavy on the skin and mixes well with water instead of running off like oils. It cleanses, exfoliates leaving skin soft, well conditioned and moisturized.

Another type of natural foot scrub is made from Dead Sea salt, goats milk soap and raw honey. It is a heavy type of scrub designed, specifically, for cracked heels and calluses. It penetrates down deep where the skin is still alive. It softens calluses and allows cracks to slough off. The feet pain from cracked heels is relieved, almost immediately from all of the emollients in this scrub! It leaves skin, cleansed, exfoliated, soothed and moisturized.

Contact dermatitis can be caused by allergic reactions to dyes in socks, shoes, or even the glue used in shoes. People should try to determine the cause of their allergic reaction and then avoid them. Natural goats milk soap is available, unscented, with no added fragrance or dyes. It is extremely mild and gentle. Natural goats milk soap made with aloe and oats is, also, very soothing for skin. In addition, natural foot scrubs helps cleanse, exfoliate, soften, soothe and moisturize the skin.

Using soaps that are too harsh for skin can cause eczematous dermatitis. Skin stays dehydrated with redness, irritation or swelling. Natural goats milk soap does not contain the harsh and chemicals found in modern, commercial, soap. It contains natural, mild and gentle, skin friendly ingredients. Also, natural foot scrubs are soothing for tired, aching and sore feet.

The combination of using natural goats milk soap and natural foot scrubs is wonderful for a variety of itchy feet conditions. If you have been looking for something to relieve your tired, achy, sore, cracked heels, calluses, dry feet or itchy feet, and have not found anything that worked, maybe you have been looking in the wrong places.

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