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Silk Cocoon Soap

The Secret of Silk Cocoon

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Silk cocoon skin care formulations have been around for a long time and have mostly been used in Asia by women to keep their skin bright and spotless as they age. Now Western skin care product manufacturers are developing their own silk cocoon based products. Let’s take a look at how this particular formulation helps rejuvenate skin and keeps it looking youthful.

It all begins with silk worms and their cocoons where they hibernate. Within the cocoon silk fibers are made, which help create silk threads. After the fibers are created, a very tiny amount of silk powder (around a millionth of a meter) can be obtained from silk cocoons. This powder is what is combined with oils and fluids to produce some silk cocoon based skin care products.

One of the skin care secrets behind micro-silk fibers and powder is a protein called Sericin. This protein is beneficial by helping prevent skin dehydration and boosting the action of complementary moisturizers within a cream or lotion. It also helps balance amino acids and stimulates the function of skin cells for a better intake of nutrients.

Silk cocoons also contain Elastin-Collagen, which is easily absorbed by the skin and efficiently repairs micro-damages. It also helps eliminate blackheads, debris, and dead skin. And speaking of blackheads, these formulations are also great for people with acne. Recent studies explained how silk cocoon based products help absorb excess oil. By doing so they get rid of the intrusive particles that clog the pores and cause pimples.

So next time you are checking out a new skin care product to use, especially an anti wrinkle and anti aging one, check out silk cocoon formulations. They may be exactly what your skin is looking for.

Many people already know that silk is smooth and gentle on human skin, but not many people are yet aware that the mother of silk, silkworm cocoon, is very effective for skin care. The nature materials of the silk beauty cocoons promote metabolism, so as to give the skin gloss, nutriment, softness & elasticity.

Our Silk Beauty Cocoons contain natural protein and Sericin – Sericin has a similar composition to our skin and is quickly absorbed to provide moisture. What’s more, it also helps control the synthesis of melanin. In addition to the high antibacterial and antioxidant nature there’s an extraordinary beauty effect, such as the conservation of the skin’s moisture and warmth as it stimulates the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin Major Cocoon proteins are fibroin and sericin Fibroin has received much attention for medical uses recently, Sericin surrounds the fibroin which later becomes silk. Sericin is mostly discarded during the degumming process of producing silk yarn, however it still remains on the surface of silk. Recent studies have found that serine is an important moisturising element that is found in high concentrations in sericin, sericin is gentle on the skin

How To Use

1. Use them dampened in hot water to exfoliate and smooth the facial pores by removing dead skin. Especially good for the clogged pore areas around the nose.

2. Then soak the cocoon in hot water for about one minute then gently massage your face using a circular motion, this will release the natural sericin onto your skin Leave face to dry naturally or gently pat dry

You can use one cocoon 2-3 times it fits onto your finger for easy usage


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