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Natural Handmade Soap Dubai and Dubai Natural Handmade Soap from Saboo Arabia Luxury Natural Skin Care

Saboo Arabia is passionate about hand made natural soap and proud of our collection of natural recipes which have been built up over the past years. We make our soaps using the traditional cold process method ..they are made from pure enriching healthy vegetable and essential oils, olive palm and coconut blended with water Jasmine and a range of essential oils and organic herbs.These specific and exclusive aroma essential oils are used to promote cellular regeneration, encouraging skin renewal and help to improve the complexion and skin elasticity conferring a more youthful appearance. The soaps are lathery and leave the skin moisturised and soft with a freshness that does not always accompany rejuvenating soaps.

Saboo Arabia soaps look gorgeous and smell gorgeous with fantastic aromas that perfume the air, we have customers who use our soaps as fragrancers all over the home. But the real beauty of our soap is when you use it ..soaps are lathery and luxurious, and leave skin clean, enriched and moisturised. Skin matters we only get one! Would you knowingly wash in chemicals and animal fats!! Well that is what you are doing with commercially produced soaps. Our soaps are environmentally friendly we use no chemicals.

Face Soap – The Saboo Arabia Handmade Soap Moisturising Face Cleansers are a collection of luxurious face soaps with intensive moisturising properties. The ingredients in the soaps are known to rehydrate your skin and encourage skin renewal. The base oils contain avocado and sweet almond oils well known for helping the condition of skin, leaving it soft and moisturised..

Scrubs Soaps – This range of natural soaps has a wonderful, luxurious base of olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil and then with a generous proportion of the very best essential oils bringing to the soap wonderful natural fragrances, and valuable resources for the skin and for your general well being…

Our 100% natural soaps are made by hand in small quantities using our good earth’s skin loving ingredients. Scented with natural essential oil, our soaps will provide a feeling of balance and well being. Your skin will thank you when you use handmade soap from Saboo Arabia. Pure, natural soap retains all of the skin nourishing qualities rarely found in synthetic soaps sold in supermarkets.

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