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Dubai Natural Soap – Handmade. Natural, biodegradable ingredients. Paraben-free vegetable soap base. Saboo Arabia’s signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils. Fresh, fragrant. clean, luxurious and pure. Absolute heaven. We pride ourselves on making natural products that don’t contain harmful chemical ingredients.

Our soaps are made from coconut, sustainable palm oil and olive oils, water, herbs, sandalwood powder, spices, essential oils and sodium hydroxide. A small range of our soaps include fragrant oils and fd&c colours (food, drug & cosmetic grade). Our palm oil is sourced from sustainable growers who have converted rubber tree plantations from two decades ago to palm plantations. Our palm oil is not sourced from rainforest cleared plantations and poses no threat to the endangered Orangutan population.

Our soaps are famous for their superior lather and moisturising properties. We include a very generous amount of essential oils which will enhance your showering experience. Saboo Arabia’s Natural Soaps have an incredible smell which permeates through to the very last sliver.

None of our products contain any animal fats, sodium lauryl sulphate or propylene glycol. These are harmful chemicals which can be found in other similar products simply because they are cheaper. We will always choose quality, environmentally friendly products over cost.

Dubai 100% Natural Oil based Handmade Soap

Dubai Natural Flower Soap Collection: Blossom Soap, Butterfly Pea Soap, Chamomile Soap, Cork Tree Soap, Jasmine Soap, Lavender Soap, Leelawadee Soap, Frangipani Soap, Lilly Soap, Lotus Soap, Orange Jasmine Soap, Orchid Soap, Rachawadee Soap, Ratree Soap, Rose Soap, Sakura Soap, Safflower Soap, Water Jasmine Soap and Ylang Ylang Natural Soap.

Dubai Natural Fruit Soap Collection: Almond Soap, Apple Soap, Apricot Soap, Banana Soap, Blueberry Soap, Cantaloupe Soap, Carrot Soap, Cherry Soap, Coconut Soap, Cucumber Soap, Grape Soap, Green Apple Soap, Kiwi Soap, Lemon Soap, Lime Soap, Mangosteen Soap, Melon Soap, Mix Fruits Soap, Orange Soap, Papaya Soap, Peach Soap, Pineapple Soap, Pomegranate Soap, Star Fruit Soap, Strawberry Soap, Tamarind Soap and Watermelon Soap.

Dubai Herbal Soap Collection: Herbal Soap, Black Pepper Soap, Black Sesame, Coffee Soap, Ginger Soap, Green Bean Soap, Green Tea Soap, Honey Soap, Jasmine Rice Soap, Lemongrass Soap, Milk Soap, Peppermint Soap, Plai Thai Hebal Soap, Red Tea Soap, Silk Soap, Sandalwood Soap, Tamarind Soap, Tanaka Soap, Turmeric Soap and Natural White Tea Soap.

Saboo Arabia is committed to providing our customers with high quality, chemical free skin care products. Everything we sell is hand made from scratch using all natural ingredients. We believe that nature, in its purest form, contains everything the skin needs to be radiant and healthy. We use only fresh, simple ingredients in our original recipes. These include the highest quality vegetable oils, butters, and waxes; therapeutic grade essential oils; and wholesome ingredients such as oatmeal, honey, green tea, sea salt, and an array of herbs and spices. A complete list of the ingredients we use, including their benefits to the body, can be found on our Ingredients page in Saboo Arabia website.

Our products are free of the potentially harmful ingredients found in most personal care products. These include Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Propylene Glycol, petroleum products, parabens, synthetic colours & fragrances, and chemical preservatives. To find out why these and other ingredients could be harmful to your health.

Please contact us or call for further information.
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