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Dubai Natural Acne Treatments and Natural Acne Treatments in Dubai UAE

Dubai Natural Acne Treatments


Dubai Natural Acne Treatments and Natural Acne Treatments in Dubai UAE Acne Treatment

Acne is not just annoying, painful and unattractive but can also very stubborn despite the many natural and commercial skin care products currently available. If you’ve had acne, you’ve probably already tried using countless facial scrubs, creams lotions, or even medications to eliminate it.

Many more expensive acne treatments are not necessarily effective. The good news is that natural provides many natural antimicrobial ingredients for natural acne treatments that are very effective for targeting bacteria and healing skin blemishes. Many frustrated acne sufferers who have long since given up on using commercial acne products have found excellent results with ingredients from nature.

Here are 3 of the best natural acne treatments according to popularity and effectiveness and rated by people who have seen good results by using these ingredients.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree is known and used around the world, tea tree or melaleuca is arguably one of the best natural acne treatments around due to it’s powerful antibacterial properties and ability to wipe out viruses and fungal infections. Application of tea tree oil directly to pimples and by adding a few drops to your cleanser, you can introduce a powerfully effective acne treatment into your current skincare routine.

It make take a while, but you’ll see a marked improvement in your skins appearance when used regularly. You can also add natural essential oils like lavender, neem and rosemary (never more than an 8% concentration) to your cleanser, there are all antibacterial and soothing for irritated skin particularly lavender.

Natural Aloe-vera Gel

The aloe-vera plant is very easy plant to grow and the gel inside the leaves can be used on burns cuts and grazes. Aloe (especially when used fresh) offers antiseptic properties to target the bacteria that can cause acne. It can be taken internally in juice form which also helps to stabilize hormones which can effect your susceptibility to acne. Applied topically it is healing so helps to clear up acne scars also. It is a natural inflammatory agent.

Honey (Especially UMF Honey)

Honey is an amazing gift from nature especially when used in natural acne treatments. Honey has antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial properties – its one of natures antibiotics. Honey is great as a base for a natural acne treatment especially when used with aloe vera and essential oils. Honey also helps to moisturize and soothe inflamed skin.

Wheatgerm or Sweet Almond Oil

These oils are high in fatty acids which means they are great for moisturizing your skin and reducing scarring. They can be used after acne treatments to help heal damaged skin.

Here is a recipe which uses all of the above ingredients (you can leave out the oil if you wish) to make an effective natural acne treatment:

1 tsp honey

3 drops Lavender oil

3 drops of Tea Tree oil (can add Rosemary as well)

1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel or juice

1 tsp Almond, Wheatgerm, Apricot or Extra virgin coconut oil

Blend together and use as a cleanser for your face twice daily. You can also dab a little on to affected areas under makeup as an extra antibacterial treatment.

This is a fantastic recipe as it’s full of acne fighting nutrients. Applied daily it will help to soothe and calm inflamed acneic skin!

Mia Gordon, author of Natural skin care recipes shares hundreds of specific nutrient rich easy skin care and homemade face mask recipes to make at home to moisturize, repair and protect all types of skin and conditions. Mia’s book and website offer all you need to know to maintain beautiful glowing skin at home without having to spend a fortune on skin care products.


Natural Acne Treatment

Acne is a terrible affliction that too many people are forced to live with. Acne is not a single pimple; it is a lot of clogged pores and, bumps, inflammation, and redness than can be very embarrassing. Using prescription treatments can often do more harm than good. They can burn and make the skin peel. Luckily, there is natural acne treatment available.

Natural acne treatment is made from all-natural ingredients. This means that the only natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals are used. It is always important to check the list of ingredients on any natural acne treatment. It will take mere minutes to find information about the ingredients and make an informed decision about choosing natural acne treatment. It is worth those few minutes to feel good about choosing natural acne treatment. Most natural acne treatments will work on all forms of pimples including whiteheads and blackheads. This is important to know when choosing the right natural acne treatment.

Natural acne treatment works in many different ways. People do not seek out natural acne treatment until there is an actual acne problem. So, natural acne treatment reduces redness and swelling cause by inflammation and also works to clear out the pores and restore a healthy balance to the skin. Once acne is under control, natural acne treatment will work to keep the acne from returning. It is important to follow through with natural acne treatment or the acne will return. Natural acne treatment will also help reduce the appearance of scars caused by the acne. This is an unfortunate effect of acne and can follow people for their entire lives, even after acne is no longer an issue. Natural acne treatment also reduces the appearance of scars.

Who benefits from natural acne treatment? It would be nice if acne were present only through those troublesome teen years. Teenagers do experience acne much more than adults, due to all of the hormonal changes taking place in their young bodies. However, acne can follow people into adulthood. Adults should be aware of natural acne treatment for themselves as well as for their children who may experience acne. All of these people will benefit from natural acne treatment.

Acne is not limited to the face. People can experience acne anywhere that pores can become clogged. When pores become clogged, bacteria thrive. This is what leads to the redness and inflammation. These other areas include the neck, back, and underarms. This can be just as embarrassing as facial acne. Natural acne treatment can be used on any of these areas as well as the face. Natural acne treatment will treat all acne regardless of its position on the body.

Natural acne treatment restores confidence. Natural acne treatment allows people to go out and face the world without embarrassment. Natural acne treatment helps people to feel attractive. Self-esteem is so important and natural acne treatment raises the self-esteem of anyone who has ever been afflicted with acne. There is no reason to suffer through acne breakouts. Natural acne treatment is available and will clear skin and restore that much needed confidence!



Three Best Natural Acne Treatment

By Charlice Kupfer

Acne is not only annoying, painful and unbecoming. It can also be very stubborn in spite of the many skin care products available today. If you have acne, you might have already tried so many facial scrubs, creams and even tablets to get rid of it. These products might work in some skin types. However, some people find these things disappointing, not to mention expensive. Good thing is that there are some inexpensive natural acne treatment available today. Some of these natural remedies might not work for some people. But here are the three best natural acne treatments based on popularity and on the satisfaction they give to those who have already tried them.

Tea Tree Oil

Being used all over the world, tea tree oil would be the best natural acne treatment because of its ability to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. After washing your face and patting it dry, simply apply tea tree oil directly onto affected skin. Being an antiseptic, it can kill acne-causing germs and lessen pimple inflammation. It can reduce pimple size and hasten healing.

Tea tree oil, just like other natural acne treatment, does not make acne disappear over night. Reapply it everyday and you will see that as your skin is purged from germs and impurities, acne is eventually going to go away.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera plants are very easy to grow and are available all over the world. When applied to skin, aloe vera can relax your skin. It also has antiseptic properties that get rid of the germs that cause acne. It can be taken internally, usually as an ingredient to some herbal acne remedies. When ingested, aloe vera can regulate hormones. It is helpful in treating acne cases due to hormonal imbalance.

Another benefit that aloe vera could give to people with acne is its healing effect to infection and its ability to removes scars. That’s why aloe vera has always been a popular ingredient to soaps and gels for scar treatment. With its many benefits, aloe vera gel would be among the best natural acne treatment.

Acne Diet

Now here is another effective and popular way to getting rid of acne. Ridding the body of acne-causing substances such as fat and sugar would be the first step. But what is more important is taking in healthy foods and supplying the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs most. Eating foods rich in vitamins A, E and the B group and drinking plenty of water would prevent acne outbreak.

There are some natural acne treatments that have satisfied so many people for years. Since they are natural, there will be no harm in trying them. Find out what’s the best natural acne treatment available today at http://herbalacnetreatment.blogspot.com.


Natural Acne Treatment Recipes

By Jeanine R. Norman

We’re all aware that acne doesn’t give you a pleasant appearance, and though there are plenty of acne removal products out there, it seems as if none of them truly work and deliver long term results. This is why I will be educating you on how to get rid of your acne naturally and how to prevent more acne from breaking out in the future.

The main thing you’ll need to keep in mind while trying to get rid of your acne is to never apply harsh acne removal products on your skin, as they could actually worsen your acne and make your skin even more oily. You may be surprised that doing less to your skin could actually do wonders.

Here are some quick and easy natural acne treatment recipes for you to try in place of harsh chemical skin treatments.

Natural Acne Treatment Recipes

Nutmeg and Milk

First, grind 1 or 2 nutmegs and add milk to the nutmeg to form a paste. Once the nutmeg and milk has a very smooth consistency, you can then apply it on your face or other area where you might have acne. Keep the mixture on your face for about 20-25 minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water. After you rinse your face, you will then notice how soft and clear your face appears and feels; however, just make sure that you are washing your face gently without harsh scrubbing.


Cut open a regular sized tomato, and then make sure that you hold the part that has a stem so that it’ll be easier for you to apply it on your face. Gently rub the tomato all over your skin and keep the tomato on our face for about 5-10 minutes. Tomato contains a lot of the essential vitamins and minerals that can really treat and even decease acne. Make sure that you also use lukewarm water when you wash the tomato off because using overly cold or overly hot water can really be harsh to the skin.


Crack open a regular sized egg and then make sure that you separate the egg whites and the egg yolk. Afterwards, beat the egg whites gently and apply the egg whites to your face. Keep this egg-white mask on until it hardens. Once your mask dries, after about 15 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

You can also use this same procedure with the yolk of the egg, and rinsing it off after it has dried.

Egg whites have the capability to minimize the size of your pores while egg yolk acts as a natural moisturizer.

How To Prevent More Acne From Appearing.

The best and easiest way to prevent acne from reappearing is by drinking lots of water. Water helps remove impurities and toxins from the body. Often we drink sodas and coffee at the expense of pure water, and when we make the switch, we will notice quite an improvement in our skin.

So, if you really want to get rid of your acne, then you should tryout one of the natural remedies above.

If you want to get rid of your acne forever, then make sure that you drink lots of water, sleep deeply, and also eat healthy, minimizing carbs of little or no nutritional value as well as excess sugar. Lack of sleep adds to stress, which is known to cause breakouts, and diet plays a key role in providing the nutrients our skin needs to heal and repair itself.

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