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Today, handmade soaps are found at craft shows, specialty stores, on the internet and in some retail outlets in Dubai UAE. Many people enjoy making novelty soaps that both look beautiful and work to keep your skin feeling fresh. Though it is readily available now, this wasn’t always the case.

Records indicate that soap making may have existed as far back as 2800 B.C. There are records that indicate both the Ancient Greeks and Romans both started experimenting with olive oil in their initial soap making. During its earliest years of creation soap was considered a luxury and was only available to the richest individuals and families.

Soap makers in Dubai were hired to create their products and were paid well by their wealthy employers. Because of its’ rare status, it took years before handmade soap became accessible to everyone. But, one thing that remained unchanged through the years is the fact that, like its current use, soap was used to wash skin and clothes when it was first discovered.

As the years progressed, Europe established a soap making industry as did America. While handmade soap was generally made by women during the colonel American era. Each year, usually before spring, women would gather together and make soap from the ingredients that were saved from the winter months. Generally colonial soaps were made from lard.

Since large industries took over the process of soap making, the quality has suffered immensely. Soap making has been quite profitable to large corporations. However, these large corporations do not offer handmade soap and, therefore, lose control over the special touches that only handmade soap can offer. Rather than a luxury item, as it was earlier considered, soap has become an everyday must-have household item. The availability of regular soap lead to the inventions of other things, including detergent, dishwashing liquids, stain removers, liquid soaps, etc.

Today, handmade soaps are created by talented crafters worldwide. Unique designs, scents, colorations and styles are among the many characteristics found in today’s handmade soap. From lavender soap to soap loaves, handmade soap is still very much considered a luxurious item, but not anywhere near as unattainable as in its earliest years. Soap loaves, much like the name implies, can be cut down to make bars of any size of shape. Many soap makers show their creations at various craft fairs throughout the year, as well as specialty stores.

Handmade soap is thought to be wonderful for your skin. Because each bar contains healthy ingredients that help to rejuvenate the skin, many users swear by its’ effects. Today, everyone from amateurs to small business owners are experimenting, selling and enjoying their own handmade soap.

Vanilla, lavender, floral and practically any other scent imaginable is available. The next time that you find yourself peeking in and out of quaint stores lining the streets or browsing the aisle at a local craft fair, snoop around and see if you cannot find someone who is offering handmade soap. Otherwise, there is always the internet where a variety of handmade soap is right at your fingertips.

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